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Life is the end (product) of digestion ... The body is composed of cells and their products ... each cell leads to a certain extent an independent existence ... the individual life of (each) cell is related to the life of the organism as a whole. page 36

Capillaries alone cover every part of the body ... neither arteries nor veins are minute enough infintestimal ... that a thousand ... may be counted in a square inch of flesh ... permeating the solid structures ... supplying food materials for the walls of veins and arteries ... they reach everywhere and carry food, water, and oxygen to every cell. Normal function and normal correlation of function, indeed, life ... rests upon a normal "internal environment" ... maintained in the organism ... by the exercise of its nutritive and excretory functions ... provid(ing) ... nutriment ... sweet(ness) and clean(liness) ... conditon(s) essential to continued existence.

Viewing the complex organism, we see that the vast majority of its cells are ...barred from contact with the sources of food, water, and oxygen and cannot expel their waste ... (as does the one-celled organism) ... nutritive materials must be brought to them and their waste carried away. It is not enough for the digestive tract to prepare nutrients ... (nutrition) much be brought into contact with the cells.

To this end all complex organisms are possessed of means of circulating the fluid medium in which their cells live. page 39

Circulation depends, for its highest efficiency, upon muscular activity, so that exercise in some form becomes an essential of vigorous and continued health. Invalids need exercise as much as the well. Exercise is essential to the development and maintenance of vital structures ... the sick ... often need special application of exercise to meet special requirements. page 44

Herbert M. Shelton: HEALTH For The Millions c1996
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Disease and Suffering

"With the universal opinion that all their disease and sufferings were the direct and arbitrary and even vindictive inflictions of their God, or gods, mankind has cherished no other fear of disease than that which grows out of their gross superstition--a fear that God would send sickness and death upon them, independently of any laws which He has established in relation to health and disease.

Therefore, as a general truth, it has never occurred to them that there is any relation bewtween their own voluntary habits, customs, and indulgences, and the diseases with which they are afflicted. Consequently, they have never sought to find the causes of disease within the precincts of voluntary conduct; and have never taken any care to prevent disease by avoiding the cause.

The whole drift, therefore, of the human world, in all generations, has been to this one point ... remedies for disease in every form.

Instead of looking for remedies in exotic and adventitious substances and influences, we should search for the ways of health in the ordinary elements of health.

Only in the biologically legitimate (lawful) use of these elements of health is to be found both the means of attaining and maintaining high levels of health ...

Herbert M. Shelton: HEALTH For The Millions c1996
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Tampa, FL 33630

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cooked foods

The More Food Is Cooked,
The More Difficult It Is To Digest And Metabolize.
This is true of any food. The higher the temperature that food is cooked, the longer it stays in the gut and the more difficult it becomes for our digestive mechanisms to digest it.

This makes it more difficult for the food to absorb and function at a cellular level where it needs to work. When the food can not function in the cells, the cells can become deficient and/or toxic which leads to deficiency and toxicity of the whole body making the body less able to function optimally.

There are many ways to cook food, some with less harmful results. Steaming, boiling, and stewing expose food to heat not exceeding 100 degrees C.

On the other hand, baking and roasting expose food to temperatures up to 200 degrees.

Microwaving also exposes food up to 200 degrees C. but there are also many other problems with microwaving food.

The highest temperatures that foods are exposed to are broiling and barbecuing which can be 400 degrees C.

Frying with a pan or wok normally uses high surface temperatures.

 As early as 1930 research was done in Switzerland showing what processed and cooked food did to the leukocytes, the white blood cells in humans. Prior to this research it was noted that upon eating there would be an immediate increase of the white blood cells which was called "digestive leukocytosis." Digestive leukocytosis means that there is a rise in the number of white blood cells after eating. At the time this was considered a normal physiological response to eating. It was not know why the cells would increase after eating and this increase usually meant that the person had been exposed to a harmful substance such as toxic chemicals, a trauma or infection.

From this research and the principle of the heat labile point,
it seems that the best way to cook food is the least way.
The more food that you can eat raw, the better.
If you do cook your food the best way to cook food is lightly steam, stew, or use a slow crock cooker.

Eat as few over-processed and over-cooked foods as possible.
The body has a difficult time digesting fried, barbecued, pasteurized, dried, and other over-processed and over-cooked foods that you find in cake mixes, dried milk, dried eggs, pizza mixes, dairy products and other boxed and processed foods.

Bon apetite au natural.
For More information on Dr. Appleton's books,
The Curse of Louis Pasteur,
Lick the Sugar Habit,
Lick the Sugar Habit Sugar Counter,
Heal Yourself with Natural Foods,
and Healthy Bones,

view her website: Dr. Nancy Appleton's Books

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sleep patterns

Interactive Sleep DiaryKeeping

A sleep diary can help you identify patterns or conditions that might be preventing you from getting the sleep that you deserve.

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calcium deficiency

Cures for  calcium deficiency

*CALCIUM in the American diet is perceived as almost synonymous with the use of diary products. Unfortunately, dairy foods are generally not of good quality and perhaps this is one reason that Americans who consume large amounts of dairy (25% of the average diet), still have widespread calcium deficiency problems such as arthritis and osteoporosis

... EVIDENCE points to certain cofactors of calcium metabolism as the problem: calcium absorption requires adequate dietary magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, C, and D.
In fact, without certain of these nutrients, it appears that calcium cannot be absorbed at all ... (page 177)

is generally a cure for these types of osteoarthritis
as well as most forms of calcium deficiency.

dried seaweeds -wakame, kombu, kelp, hijiki, arame
beans -soybeans, mung, aduki, black, lima
whole grains -buckwheat, millet, wheat berries, corn, barley, rye, rice
nuts and seeds -almonds, cashews, filberts, sesame seeds
high chlorophyll foods -wheat or barley grass, microalgaes: spirulina, wild blue-green, chorella
** see the book for other foods in this category (pages 178- 179)

Animal products - dairy, eggs, and meat -
contain the least magnesium of common foods.
While calcium contracts the muscles, magnesium relaxes them ... Of all drugs ingested, the majority are taken to overcome stress and neuromuscular tension ... Certainly a much healthier alternative to the possibility of addiction to tranquilizers, alcohol, or even chocolate is plenty of magnesium-rich foods in the diet --whole grains, beans and legumes, vegetables, seaweeds, nuts, and seeds. (page 178)

3 Traditional Calcium Soups (page 180)
-For convalescing patients or chronic health problems
barley sprouts (*or soak whole barley for 8 hours. Discard soak water) and kale
Simmer 10 minutes (*if whole barley is substituted - cook longer until soft and add kale at the end of the cooking process).
-Beneficial for the kidneys, and therefore for the bones
Beans cooked with seaweeds
-For the seriously deficient (frail, weak, pale) individual
Bones from organically raised animals cooked with acid vegetables to extract the marrow and various minerals. May also use whole fish such as sardines or anchovies.

1. GET sufficient Vitamin D from sunshine - expose 20% of the skin for 30 minutes at sea level. If daylight hours are spent indoors; spend several hours outdoors on days off - avoid midday sun.
2. EAT calcium, magnesium, chlorophyll, and mineral-rich foods.
3. EXERCISE regularly amd moderately to halt calcium loss and increase bone mass.
4. *CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS can be helpful (unless you have a history of kidney stones) if basic diet is poor but include plenty of green vegetables and a high-mineral food such as alfalfa or kelp tables or a mineral supplement.
5. PRESOAK grains and legumes before cooking to neutralize their phytic acid content, which otherwise binds the zinc, magnesium, calcium, and other minerals in these foods.
6. USE oxalic foods sparingly -- rhubarb, cranberries, plums, spinach, chard, and beet greens - as they also bind calcium.
7. IF dairy is used, the fermented kinds digest most easily: yogurt, cottage cheese, buttermilk, kefir. Goat's milk products are preferable. Avoid skim milk - it is devoid of fat and enzymes necessary for proper calcium absorption.
8. IF there are signs of kidney-adrenal weakness such as weak legs and knees, low backache, loose teeth, ringing in the ears, and unusual head-hair loss, specific kidney tonics may be indicated.


SILICON (page 185 - 186),
found in all plant fiber as silica is essential for efficient calcium utilization and for increasing bone strength. It is an integral part of all connective tissues of the body, including blood vessels, tendons, and cartilage, and necessary for their health and renewal.
whole foods chosen from grains,
and fruit:
especially all lettuce (especially Boston and bib varieties),
brown rice,
dandelion greens,
and carrots.
containing large amount of chlorophyll balance sweet foods especially lettuce and celery.
An excess of higly sweet products
- even of quality foods such as honey, rice syrup, and most fruits
- acts as a calcium inhibitor and promotes the growth of pathogenic bacterian and candida-type yeasts in the digestive tract.
AN HERBAL FORMULA for improving teeth, bones, arteries, and all connective tissue and for strengthening calcium metabolism in the body.
1 part HORSETAIL (Equisetum arvense),
1 part OATSTRAW (Avena sativa),
1 park KOMBU seaweed or KELP powder,
1/3 part LOBELIA (Lobelia inflata)
Simmer each 1 ounce of formula in 1 pint of water for 25 minutes and drink 1/2 cup two or three times a day. At the end of every three weeks, stop using the formula for one week ... expect noticable renewal ... during one entire season ... ideally in winter... follow the calcium preserving suggestions.

ALFALFA ... a highly mineralized food balanced with a very wide range of trace minerals and enzymes ... seeds and leaves can be made into a tea; sprouts and tablets available in most food stores.

* excerpted from the chapter
Calcium, Healing with Whole Foods, by Paul Pitchford c1993

 "In the article on the B complex vitamins I listed seaweeds as a good food source. This is an introduction with details on why it is a good idea to add them into your diet. Seaweeds also called sea vegetables are a staple in my kitchen and I will not cook a pot of beans or soup without adding one of the many varieties of sea vegetables. Our ancestors have used sea vegetables world wide; it is a common food for the people of Japan, Korea, China, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, England, Scotland, France, Denmark, Wales, Hawaii, as well as many islands in the south Pacific. Native Americans and Africans have eaten sea vegetables as part of their regular diets." Julene Tripp Weaver
Seaweed or Sea Vegetables, Part 1Seaweed or Sea Vegetables, Part 1

Eating with the Seasons

Eating with the Seasons:  Traditional Food Wisdom from China
by Isabel Slatkin
For millions of Americans, dinner often means a taco on the lap while driving in rush-hour traffic. Meanwhile, schoolchildren are binging on donuts and potato chips and falling asleep in the middle of class. Clearly, we're not eating right.

Recent studies reveal that while Americans are living longer than ever, we are also sicker than ever.

Over one third of American adults are obese, double the number a decade ago.  As a result, weight-related diseases like diabetes and heart disease are also on the rise. The main culprits?   Fried foods and refined carbohydrates like sugar.

Sugar is everywhere in the American diet -- and it has insidious effects on the body. According to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), an excess of sugar leads to a hot, damp condition in the body, which results in a disruption in the flow of vital energy,
or qi.

A sugar-rich diet can lead to diabetes (an excess of blood sugar) or hypoglycemia (a lack of it).

Five Food Rules to Thrive By According to Chinese medicine,
it is not only what you eat but how you eat that affects your health.
Here are some tips on eating wisely:

Chew your food very well. This makes it easier for your enzymes to break food down into the energy needed to keep the body going.

Stop eating before you are completely full. This enhances the digestion and won't overload the liver and kidneys' ability to process waste products.

Eat in a quiet, non-stressful environment. Make the dinner hour a special time with no t.v., phone calls or other loud distractions. Sit down to eat, and make a rule to discuss only pleasant topics.

Finish your last meal of the day at least three hours before bedtime. This prevents stress on the liver along with digestive problems like heartburn and acid reflux disease.

Eat a diet of primarily lightly cooked foods, especially if you have weak digestion. Cooking allows easier assimilation of nutrients

Sugar Don'ts:
*Don't eat sugary desserts! They disrupt the blood sugar and block the ability of the body to properly digest and assimilate the nutrients in your meal.
*Don't "Do the Dew". Long-term consumption of soda and candy can lead to calcium loss from bones, yellowed teeth with eroded enamel, and premature tooth loss, an affliction dentists have dubbed "Mountain Dew Mouth".

Further Readings on Nutrition and Chinese Medicine:
Healing Digestive Disorders by Andrew Gaeddert
Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford
The Self-Healing Cookbook by Kristina Turner

Make SPROUTS at home!

Make your Own Sprouts.
It is very easy to enjoy the health benefits of sprouting your own vegetables and grains. 
Sprouts are healthy!


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diabetes and diet sodas

"Every person I met that had diabetes, 
drank diet soda.  

They trusted their doctor and thought they were doing a good thing. Except all the ones I talked to were so sick and their blood sugar was out of control. They were losing their eyesight, and attributing it to the diabetes. I began to suspect diet soda was causing the diabetes epidemic. Heavy people that you would think would have diabetes, that didn't drink diet pop, didn't have diabetes.  
Skinny people who should not have it, were drinking diet sodas and had diabetes... "

Thursday, July 7

anti-aging food

The Asian Goji berry 
is traditionally regarded as a longevity and strength-building food 
of the highest order
goji berries contain
18 kinds of amino acids (six times higher than bee pollen) 
all 8 essential amino acids (such as isoleucine and tryptophan)
up to 21 trace minerals 
(mainly zinc, iron, copper, calcium, germanium, selenium, and phosphorus)
the richest source of carotenoids
including beta-carotene (more than carrots) 
500 times the amount of vitamin C, by weight, than oranges
vitamins B1, B2, B6
vitamin E,
11 mg of iron per 100 grams

The goji berry is a godsend. It promotes health in many ways:
builds the immune system
promotes healthy blood pressure: strengthens the heart
improves memory functions. 
maintains normal blood sugar levels, 
helps reduce cholesterol
enhances hormonal functions and treat dysfunctions
relieves headaches and dizziness
relieves insomnia and improves the quality of sleep. 
improves appetite and digestion
maintains eye health and can improve vision
supports healthy liver and kidney functions.
strengthen bones and muscles.  
alleviates stress and anxiety
and can promote cheerfulnes. 
activates anti-inflammatory enzymes 

Bovis Energy Scale  
Dr Rick Hansell examined Goji against other Juices. 
Bovis Energy Rating: 
Noni ----17,000 
Sea Silver----24,000 
Limu plus----54,000 

What is the Bovis Energy Scale?  
 Thanks to a French researcher in the 1930's 
by the name of Antoinne Bovis, 
we have a means to measure 
the"life force" or "natural earth energy" 
present in water, plants, rock formations and the like.

For example, 
human beings show a reading on the Bovis scale of 6,500. 
Scientific research has correlated the clockwise or right spin 
of atoms and molecules with a Bovis reading below 6,500 
is neutral for humanlife (i.e. life-depleting), 
and anything registering above 6,500 
is essentially energy invigorating or enhancing to us. 

Environmental readings below 6,500 are the effect of 
underground streams, geological faults, and Earth'smagnetic grids. 

the cost of whole foods

A common perception is that whole organic food 
is so expensive that it is out-of-budget for the average family 
or even for the average single consumer. 

It is also commonly perceived that the average grocery purchase of processed foods at a neighborhood supermarket, 
using the store discounts, 
makes the processed food diet within the budget of most families.
If you go along with those who accept the above hypothesis on faith, you may be quite surprised by what you find 
when you click these links!
The Garden Diet 

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Alkalize or Die

The countless names attached to illnesses
do not really matter.
What does matter is that
they all come from the same root cause ... 
too much tissue acid waste in the body!

"Alkalize or Die", page 15

TA Baroody DC, ND, Ph.D., Dipl Acu.
C1991, Eighth Edition 2002

Friday, May 20

healing with foods

20% fruits, 60% vegetables, 10% starch, and 10% protein;
40% cooked, 60% raw
20% acid, 80% alkaline foods
(daily requirements)
Foods That Heal, page 47,  pages viii-ix
 Dr Bernard Jensen C1988, 1993 

"Now at the age of 80, I often reflect on what it was in my life that allowed me to live this long-to come this far.   

For though I had cured bronchiectasis with nutrition and exercise, I continued the frantic pace of work and study that combined with my bad habits, had made me so ill so long ago.  Looking back, I have concluded that wellness is as much a satisfying relationship with life as it is a consequence of dietary and lifestyle changes.  

I believe the secret of my good health is that I am always good to myself mentally".
Dr Bernard Jensen

Saturday, April 2

the elimation diet

All the good food that may be eaten cannot do the body any good until you have first cleansed the body by eliminating excess acid and mucus. The intestines retain these poisions, and they are one of the main causes of disease and premature aging. 

By eating an abundance of alkaline or base-forming foods, one can rid himself of these poisons and acids. To corrct these unnatural and unheathful conditions and make it possible for the food that is eaten to be assimilated and absorbed by the system, the body must be flushed and cleansed. Eating these foods will bring about a natural rejuvenation by constantly supplying the bloodstream with its original elements

These elements are found in natural foods, which should be either eaten raw or cooked as little as possible so as not to destroy the minerals or life-giving properties. You will be feeding the entire body, not starving it. 

Leviticus 17:11 
"The LIFE is in the blood," 
and in the same chapter, fourteenth verse, 
"For the life of all flesh is in the blood." 

Health and happiness depend upon the bloodstream 
containing all of the necessary elements; 
when one is missing, disease in some form often results. 
To make the bloodstream pure and healthy, 
eat food in its natural state as far as possible, 
drink freely of pure water, 
bathe frequently, 
exercise in the pure air and sunshine, 
and use nonpoisonous herbs 
that were given for the "service of man". 
Psalms 104:14

In most of the civilized world we are able to do this almost any time of the year, as we have citrus fruits and fresh vegetables available the year around. 

We repair our homes, buy new parts and have our automobiles repaired, and give regular care to other machinery thay we may be using. Just so, we must take care of our bodies by supplying them with natural elements and minerals to build and repair the parts that are constantly being worn out. 

If pure and alkaline, 
the bloodstream, which provides nutrition to every cell of the body, 
will dissolve all poisons and carry them away. 
No disease can exist with a pure bloodstream. 

FRUIT: Use all kinds of fruit liberally. 
All fruits must be ripe before being picked or else they will not have the elimination qualities.  Eat at least 2 grapefruit a day, 6 oranges, and 3 lemons. 

Do not use cane sugar with your fruit or lemondade 
as it destroys the benefit of the fruit. 

Fresh pineapple, 
ripe peaches, 
ripe strawberries, 
and raspberries are excellent.
If fruits do not seem to agree with you, 
take one-fourth teaspoon of golden seal 
in one-half glass of water 
twenty minutes before you eat. 
Persons wishing to eliminate  
who have an ulcerated stomach 
and cannot take fruits should drink two quarts of potassium broth*
a day. this is also excellent for invalids.

The best vegetables to use are 
mild green onions, 
red or green cabbage (best raw), 
eggplant, etc. 

Eat a large raw vegetable salad each day. 
Have one meal of properly cooked vegetables each day.
Cook all vegetables in as little water as possible, and if salt is necessary, use only a small amount for seasoning. 

GENERAL RULES WHILE ON THE ELIMINATING DIET: All the above foods, when taken in abundance, 
will cleanse the bloodstream. 

Therefore, the greater the quantity taken of these foods, 
the sooner the body will be cleansed. 

The eliminating diet is not a fast. 
It is a feeding process

It feeds the body through the blood with the necessary life-giving minerals that everybody needs. The eating of fresh fruits and vegetables in large amounts prevents shrinkage of the stomach and intestines, and also prevents lines and wrinkles from forming on the face and body. 
Drink water copiously between meals. 
Take moderate exercise in the open air. 
Eat nothing but fruits and vegetables. 
When taking the eliminating diet, do not use any of the following: milk, 
cane sugar or cane sugar products, 
free fat of any kind, 
corn starch, 
ice cream, 
pastries of any kind, 
white flour products, 
any kind of liquor or tobacco, 
oils of any kind, 
canned fruits or vegetables, 
or any food that is not mentioned in the eliminating diet.

It is highly important that the bowels move freely. 
If they do not completely evacuate at least once a day, it is wise to cleanse them once or twice a week with an herbal enema.

We have 5 organs of elimination
and liver. 

The bowels will be greatly improved by these foods 
and the help of nonpoisonous herbs. 
The lungs eliminate poisons freely when we practice 
deep breathing and exercise. 
The skin cannot eliminate poisons when it is dry and inactive. 
There are millions of pores that breathe and eliminate poisons. Therefore, a daily bath should be taken by everyone and, during the eliminating, it is excellent to take an Epsom salts bath every other day to stimulate the skin and open the pores. 
Use 3 pounds of Epsom salts to a tub full of water. 
Drink plenty of water or broth while in the tub. 

Massage the body while in the tub. 
Salt glows are also highly beneficial. 
Rub the body thoroughly all over 
with half common and half Epsom salt. 
This increases the activity of the skin and stimulates the circulation.  Finish with a cool shower or spongeoff, 
rubbing vigorusly with a Turkish towel. 

Many people do not understand why they cannot eat other good wholesome natural foods while on the eliminating diet. This is because they would upset the reaction of these cleansing foods. 

Do not take any starchy foods, sugars, or proteins as these things congest and clog the system.

When the cells of the body are clean, they function normally and harmonisously. Therefore, the whole body is rejuvenated and the vitality is restored. 

Before beginning to eliminate, 
cleanse the system with an herbal laxative. 
This will rid the body of much waste matter and mucus 
and prevent such a great stirring up. 

Immediately after taking the eliminating diest, 
eat sparingly of easily digested foods, such as baked potatoes, 
green lima beans, tender peas, corn, tomatoes, carrots, etc. 

An abundance of oxygen assists elimination greatly. 
So above all things breathe deeply. Use grape juice, orange juice, grapefruit juice, and sweet apple juice liberally. 
Oxygen hastens elimination and burns up poisons. 

HOW LONG SHOULD ONE STAY ON THE ELIMINATING DIET? This depends entirely on the individual. If you have been sick or eating unnatural foods for years, or almost a lifetime, you may have to follow the eliminating diet many times. Eliminate a week or longer if you are stout or overweight, and repeat if necessary. 

One pound a day may be lost 
by faithfully eating just the elimination foods 
and that which is lost is mostly waste and poisons.

If one has taken patent medicines, drugs, serums, etc., it will take longer to eliminate these poisons from the system. When all pains and discomfort in the body are gone, the poisons will have been eliminated. Until they are, you will have to go on the eliminating diet again. 

Everyone could safely eliminate seven days in every month. 
Very little healthy tissue will be lost. 
The most that is lost is unhealthy tissues and waste, 
and the sooner you rid your body of these, 
the better it will be for your health. 

Back to Eden 
 (The AUTHENTIC Kloss Family version)  
Jethro Kloss 
pages 635-639.

Potassium Broth
2 cups bran 
2 large onions 
1 cup oatmeal 
2 stalks celery 
4 quarts water 
1/2 bunch minced parsley 
4 potatoes, medium-sized 
2 vegetable oysters (salsify) 
2 large carrots 

Mix the first 3 ingredients and soak overnight. 
Beat up with an eggbeater and strain through a fine sieve. 

Wash thoroughly 4 medium-sized potatoes and slice thin, 
also 2 large carrots, 2 medium-sized onions (optional), 
2 large stalks of celery with the green leaves cut fine, 
1/2 bunch of parsley cut up and 2 good-sized vegetable oysters. 

Cook these in the bran/oatmeal water. Let simmer in a covered kettle until vegetables are done. Mash up vegetables and strain again through a fine sieve.  
pages 740-741

Sunday, February 20

true remedies

Using the True Remedies
"The only hope of better things is in learning right principles.
Restorative power is not in drugs, but in nature.
Disease is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of health.
In case of sickness, 
the cause should be ascertained 
(and) wrong habits corrected.
Then nature is to be assisted in her effort to expel impurities 
and to re-establish right conditons in the system.
Pure air, 
proper diet, 
the use of water,
trust in Divine power -
these are the true remedies".
The Ministry of Healing
E.G. White

Tuesday, January 18

new perspective

Make the time to gain a new perspective
Get down to the things that really matter
The things that belong to your personal peace
Consider what you lack in this life
What about the afterlife?

Slow down your pace now and think on these things