Wednesday, May 25

Alkalize or Die

The countless names attached to illnesses
do not really matter.
What does matter is that
they all come from the same root cause ... 
too much tissue acid waste in the body!

"Alkalize or Die", page 15

TA Baroody DC, ND, Ph.D., Dipl Acu.
C1991, Eighth Edition 2002

Friday, May 20

healing with foods

20% fruits, 60% vegetables, 10% starch, and 10% protein;
40% cooked, 60% raw
20% acid, 80% alkaline foods
(daily requirements)
Foods That Heal, page 47,  pages viii-ix
 Dr Bernard Jensen C1988, 1993 

"Now at the age of 80, I often reflect on what it was in my life that allowed me to live this long-to come this far.   

For though I had cured bronchiectasis with nutrition and exercise, I continued the frantic pace of work and study that combined with my bad habits, had made me so ill so long ago.  Looking back, I have concluded that wellness is as much a satisfying relationship with life as it is a consequence of dietary and lifestyle changes.  

I believe the secret of my good health is that I am always good to myself mentally".
Dr Bernard Jensen