Friday, May 20

healing with foods

20% fruits, 60% vegetables, 10% starch, and 10% protein;
40% cooked, 60% raw
20% acid, 80% alkaline foods
(daily requirements)
Foods That Heal, page 47,  pages viii-ix
 Dr Bernard Jensen C1988, 1993 

"Now at the age of 80, I often reflect on what it was in my life that allowed me to live this long-to come this far.   

For though I had cured bronchiectasis with nutrition and exercise, I continued the frantic pace of work and study that combined with my bad habits, had made me so ill so long ago.  Looking back, I have concluded that wellness is as much a satisfying relationship with life as it is a consequence of dietary and lifestyle changes.  

I believe the secret of my good health is that I am always good to myself mentally".
Dr Bernard Jensen

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