Wednesday, October 5

Disease and Suffering

"With the universal opinion that all their disease and sufferings were the direct and arbitrary and even vindictive inflictions of their God, or gods, mankind has cherished no other fear of disease than that which grows out of their gross superstition--a fear that God would send sickness and death upon them, independently of any laws which He has established in relation to health and disease.

Therefore, as a general truth, it has never occurred to them that there is any relation bewtween their own voluntary habits, customs, and indulgences, and the diseases with which they are afflicted. Consequently, they have never sought to find the causes of disease within the precincts of voluntary conduct; and have never taken any care to prevent disease by avoiding the cause.

The whole drift, therefore, of the human world, in all generations, has been to this one point ... remedies for disease in every form.

Instead of looking for remedies in exotic and adventitious substances and influences, we should search for the ways of health in the ordinary elements of health.

Only in the biologically legitimate (lawful) use of these elements of health is to be found both the means of attaining and maintaining high levels of health ...

Herbert M. Shelton: HEALTH For The Millions c1996
PO BOX 30630
Tampa, FL 33630

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