Friday, October 22

Taking Control of Your Health

If you carefully follow some basic health principles -- simple things like exercising, eating whole foods, sleeping enough, getting sun exposure, and reducing stress in your life -- you will drastically reduce your need for conventional medical care in the first place.

But if you do end up having a health problem, it's essential to realize that you do not suddenly lose your power as an independent individual! You have the RIGHT to ask questions, to ask for second and third opinions, and you still have the right to refuse drugs or any other treatment you believe is not in your best interest.

However, discussing these things with your health care professional may be uncomfortable. Accept that this is part of it...

Part of taking control of your health includes staying involved in your treatment, from start to finish, and not blindly handing over your decision-making capabilities to someone in a white coat -- who may or may not have the same beliefs about what constitutes 'health' as you do.

A Lesson from Mom: Don’t Be a ‘Good’ Patient

Posted By Dr. Mercola | October 22 2010