Sunday, September 19



You are making the effort to exercise
while drinking adequate water everday
Now consider this,
To optimize your digestion and thus nutrition;
eat fruits separately from other foods
From 4 AM to 12 NOON eat only fresh fruits (at least 2 every day)
fruit smoothies (a little cold water and 2 fresh fruits in a blender)
fresh fruit salad
dried fruit (if you are still hungry)
AT 12 NOON (Lunch) 
a large fresh vegetable salad
For Dinner
eat another fresh vegetable salad
AND a meal of your choice
(a meat or vegetable entree and a vegetable side dish)

Make it easy on your digestion
Steam, bake, and broil your foods

A good resource
"Fit For Life""Fit For Life"
Harvey and Marilyn Diamond

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