Wednesday, August 25

wellness and water

Whatever your pursuits, you need to consider first things first.
The first consideration is wellness of mind and body.
The condition of the physical body affects the mind.
Working in tandem, mind and body, will allow you to
achieve your dreams.
Change need not be drastic: Start with drinking pure water.
Half your body weight in ounces
(a 100 pound individual needs 50 ounces).  Every day.
*The average person does not drink enough pure water. At least six to eight glasses must be taken daily.
More is better, depending upon the kind of food eaten.

Cool water is good, but ice water should not be taken.
Babies and delicate patients should be given water as carefully as food.
When one drinks an abudance of pure, fresh water
the blood and tissues are bathed and purified,
thereby being cleansed of all poisons and waste matter.
Water is also an essential constituent of the tissue cells
and all body fluids, such as the digestive juices, etc.
Water dissolves nutritive material in the course of digestion, so that it can be absorbed into the blood and carried to various parts of the body to repair and build tissues and remove waste.
Water keeps all mucous membranes of the body soft and prevents friction of their surfaces.
Water aids in regulating body temperature and body processes. Make a special effort to obtain the purest water available.
Recent scientific evidence suggest that elderly people may not feel thirsty even when their bodies are actually in need of water. It was also found that, despite the body's need for more fluid,
the kidneys of older people do not tend to conserve fluid
as would be expected under these circumstances.
These factors may lead to the formation of kidney stones and contribute to constipation,
an all-too-common problem in the elderly.

Therefore, as you grow older, it is even more important that an adequate supply of fluid be obtained every day.

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Jethro Kloss
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