Wednesday, October 6

Breakfast Protein Shake

The 3 kinds of essential oils gives it staying power, 
the 4 kinds of proteins and greens fuel the body and brain. 

Blender drinks are a liquid meal. They combine foods from a few sources to make a nutrient dense meal.  The focus is protein and oil sources of food, as well as fiber and being as enzyme rich as possible.

There are 4 parts:  liquid, oil, protein/vitamin/mineral and adjuncts*
•  8 oz liquid (rice milk, oat milk, almond milk, veggie juice)
•  2 – 3 oz water
•  1 tablespoon coconut oil
•  1 – 3 tablespoon other oils (hemp, flax, cod liver)
•  1 – 3 teaspoons nutrient mix 
(whey protein, hemp protein, a raw egg, chlorella powder).  
Use only undenatured protein whey powder
•  1 tablespoon of a sprouted nutrient or mix 
(Sproutein, PerfectFood)
•  1 – 3 teaspoons of some fiber and/or 
1 big tablespoon of soaked flax seeds
•  a small amount of acid fruit can be added, such as a few strawberries or a small amt of blueberries

green powders, grass juices or powders
maca root powder
Dr Schultz Super Food

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