Sunday, September 26


6 Things Every Woman Should Know Before Menopause

I found bio-identicals a blessing from Mother Nature. Never go for the unprofessional one-size-fits-all HRT from the chemist. I was having all the usual symptoms, the worst one of all for me was the insomnia, because that effects your whole life and dangerous when driving in a state of sleep deprivation. I went to a holistic practioner who is also a gp. She took blood tests to see what my levels of each hormone were doing, then prescribed bio-identical hormone troches to balance out the ones my body had stopped producing. Once estrogen levels drop, we also begin to lose bone density. Bio-identicals are made up by a compounding chemist specifically for your individual needs. They are plant-based and are 'identical' to the natural hormones our bodies produce. Whereas HRT made by Big Pharma are synthetic and most contain mares urine. Yes, horses urine. These poor creatures are forced to stand with tubes coming out of their bodies for months or more, but that's another story. You can do your own research on that one. I prefer plant-based medicine over animal cruelty any day. And I also prefer therapy that's been made up for my individual system, because we are not all robots or clones of each other, we have varying issues and reactions. Some health practioners will do a saliva test but I've been told that a blood test is more accurate; and well worthwhile. In fact it's good to have one before you go through menopause so you will have levels to compare with afterwards ...

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