Friday, May 19

Back to basics

More drugs, less health

... modern medicine in America
- the kind espoused by all but a few MDs is entirely backward in its philosophy.
It treats only effects, not causes.
... I recently stumbled across something online that reminds me of how important it is to keep this backwardness in mind as we navigate the ridiculous and dangerous farce our health care system has become.
... shortcomings, misguided-ness, or utter corruptness of "mainstream" or "conventional" medicine.
These are convenient umbrella terms for the pill and scalpel way we most often attempt to heal disease here in the western world... allopathic medicine.
This is just a fancy word for the ever-more-prevalent drug-based brand of "healing"
(a gross misnomer, of course).
The more or less official definition of the word is this:
Allopathic: N. Of or pertaining to allopathy,
the treatment of disease with drugs
(see also: dangerous synthetic chemicals)
having opposite effects to the symptoms.
Okay, I added that part about the chemicals.
But then, I had to add it
- because no dictionary in today's gone-to-pot PC world would ever define the term as straight up as this.
As you can see, allopathic medicine does not attempt to cure disease by eliminating its causes.
Instead, it seeks only to mask or counteract a given disease's symptoms.
The only thing this kind of medicine ensures is that NO TRUE HEALING WILL HAPPEN,
only a continuation of treatment, ad infinitum.
This is what you're paying out the nose for every time you fill a prescription
or pay for health coverage out of your pocket or paycheck (or your taxes).
Nice, isn't it?
But what's really scary about this condition is how much is riding on it.
I've often said in past issues of this dispatch that the medical establishment has no true incentive to heal.
If they did, they'd cure themselves right out of jobs, funding, and power.
If modern western medicine (mostly allopathic, by the way) really WORKED,
there'd be a need for less and less of it with every passing year...
Instead we have ever more (and ever younger) doctors,
ever more lawsuits and lawyers,
ever more intricate and costly insurance coverage,
ever more government programs,
ever more regulation of medicine,
ever more payments and fees and co-pays and expenses.
Think about it,
without medicine that furthers the need for people to process every step of this insane system,
a lot of people would be unemployed
- and a lot of tax money lost, both in terms of sales taxes and corporate revenues.
Still think modern medicine wants to heal you?
Now ... a short animated film illustrating the conflicting interests,
and far-reaching effects of the whole modern-day allopathic medicine quagmire.
... I guarantee that once you've taken a look at it for yourself, you'll have a much greater understanding of the scope and impact of drug-based "medicine" in America today.
William Campbell Douglass II, MD "
*Daily Dose - Apathy for Allopathy 

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