Wednesday, December 1


" ... for its very survival,
the living body must, wants to, and will eliminate wastes--

provided that it is not clogged up as a result of the wrong type of diet, namely one that is sorely lacking in or devoid of dietary fiber.

Fiber is the key ... found only in plants ..

absolutely necessary for sufficient digestion ...
absorbs fat ...
help(s) remove harmful chemicals from the body and reduce(s) levels of cholesterol ...

removing wastes before they can cause disease."

"Truly there is no greater gift than life.
And a long life is the most cherished ...
a long, productive life of vibrancy...

Most people have literally no idea that there is not a casual, but a direct, link between long life and the efficiency of their digestive tracts."
*Fit For Life Not Fat For Life, c2003
Harvey Diamond
pp202, 204

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